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Early education robot

瑞克和莫蒂第五季无删减. was established in 2012 as a technology development company. Located in Shenzhen, the capital of electronic design, adjacent to Foxconn and other well-known enterprises.  
The company has 8 years of children robot technology development ability, focusing on early education robot development, with general taxpayer qualification.  
In today's increasingly fierce competition in technology, Ouzhi technology has continuously increased its investment in R & D technology to create its own core products and brand culture. It has successfully developed a number of companion robots, picture book robots, learning robots and other products.  
Brand: Ouzhi technology, little tiger, little beauty


Automatic production line, automatic express packaging equipment;  
The daily delivery volume is 20000;
Every day at 23:59, the order can be collected within 1 hour and transported to Shenzhen distribution center of express;
2019 and   Nearly 100 live broadcast cooperation;  

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